Putting Studio

The art and science of putting, in conjunction with –

Wellputt – The worlds best-putting mats
Odyssey – The worlds best putters
Trackman – The worlds best ball-tracking technology

We will fit and conduct putting lessons in our unique Putting Studio.

If you want to lower your scores, book a lesson or fitting in our Putting Studio, contact us today.

Trackman Information

Key Putting Skills

Green Reading – Green slope and speed prediction
Distance Control – The right speed for the given putt
Direction Accuracy – Start the ball on the intended start line (aim point).
Get a putter fitting or lesson based on accurate putting data,
Putter Data
Club Speed
Backswing Time
Stroke Length
Forward Swing Time
Dynamic Lie

Face Angle
Club Path
Face to Path
Attack Angle
Ball Data
Launch Direction
Launch Angle
Skid Distance
Ball Speed
Roll %