Club Fitting Studio2020-12-07T10:53:13+02:00

Club Fitting Studio

Fact: 92% of golfers play with clubs that don’t fit their swings, age or body type (Golf Illustrated Survey). We believe club fitting is a vital component to playing the best golf YOU can play.

Golf coaches are the best fitters, with there intimate knowledge of the golf swing we can fit your requirements with a long term goal in sight, not an immediate sale. We are looking at developing a longterm golfing relationship with YOU to help your complete game improvement journey.

Do you hit into a net?2020-11-29T15:20:27+02:00

No, we are unique as you see the ball flight at the Randpark Driving Range (Inrange technology on every bay).

What launch monitors do you use?2020-11-29T15:20:39+02:00

Trackman, the best in the business.

Are you partisan to a particular brand?2020-11-29T15:18:47+02:00

No, we offer all the top brands and will fit you with the best product for your requirements.

Why are the fittings not for free?2020-11-29T15:20:50+02:00

Due to the 25 years of experience and knowledge in the golf industry.

What other services do you offer?2020-11-29T15:20:57+02:00

Putter fitting in our Putting Studio using Trackman.

Ball fitting – yes when did you have a ball fitted to your golf swing?