Online Golf Tuition

In the technological world that we live in, the world has become smaller. Technology has brought us all closer.

I have been analyzing golf swings for over 25 years. I have been very fortunate to learn how to analyze golf swings through the Martin Whitcher Golf Studio the worlds first golf studio officially opened by Gary Player in 1989. Martin Whitcher was a pioneer in this field had given me a wealth of knowledge from understanding how cameras shutter speeds affect what we think we see, to not teaching textbook theory and breaking the mould of traditional teaching.  (Photos on the left – taken 20 years ago – courtesy of The Martin Whitcher Golf Studio).

No matter where in the world you are Golfers Masterclass can analyse your golf swing. Starting with a comprehensive shot shape questionnaire, leading into a full swing analysis including graphic overlays and voice over, followed by practice drills.

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