Classic Anti-Shock Frame Bases

The Classic Anti-Shock Frame Base system has a combination of air and elasticity for improved shock absorption for comfortable play.

4- piece 100% PU Foam frame base is an independent unit compatible with many hitting mat inserts.

All systems can be configured as single hitting mat or two hitting mats.

Classic Anti-Shock Frame Base, single insert.
Size: 50- 3/4”×62- 5/8”×1- 3/4” (129cm×159cm×45mm)

Classic Anti-Shock Frame Base, two inserts.
Size: 50- 3/4”×74- 3/8”×1- 3/4” (129cm×189cm×45mm)

Curved Ball Tray
Designed for Anti-Shock Frame Base only.
Holds up to 130 balls.
100% ABS material.
Size: 42,1/8”×11, 3/8”×3, 3/8” (107cm×29cm×85mm)

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